Hal Portner
Education Consultant
Teacher Induction Mentoring & Coaching

"With the guidance of Hal Portner, our new teacher
induction/mentoring program moved from a bare
minimum, "letter of the law" program into a dynamic,
teacher-affirming program! Our mentoring team now
has a shared vision of the components of effective
mentoring and, more importantly, our mentees and
students are reaping the benefits."

-- William E. Collins, Principal
William E. Norris Elementary School, Southampton, MA



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This page last modified on Saturday, May 21, 2011

Participants expressed the following:

“Hal and Mary really made us feel validated for our hard work”
"Enthusiastic, passionate presenters who cared."
“The hands-on activities were great and the real practice was awesome!”
“I thought the workshop was absolutely wonderful…I learned so much.”
"Loved Hal and Mary."
"Practical, hands on, best way to learn is by making mistakes – They let act in ways that became great learning experiences!"
"Allowed time to reflect on how this process will be integrated into our varied and unique positions."
“Practicing strategies and receiving feedback multiple times and in multiple ways was very effective.”
"Variety of activities with different presentation styles. Much appreciated. "